Welcome to the blog at McCarthy Legal Group LLC. In the coming days and weeks expect further updates and entries discussing aspects of the various areas of law in which our team of attorneys practice. If you take a moment to explore our website, you will see that our firm has experience in many different areas of the law.

To those who are not well versed in the law, the rules and regulations concerning these areas can be overwhelming and confusing. Our hope is that through this blog we can educate and inform you to make the law a little less confusing.

A small reminder to those of you who have made your way here: Do not interpret any post on this blog as legal advice. Everyone has facts and circumstances that are different, which is why it is important to speak with an attorney either face to face or by telephone. If you are concerned about a potential legal issue, seek answers from an attorney, not a blog.

You can contact the attorneys at McCarthy Legal Group LLC by calling (508) 833-0800 or (617) 332-1633.

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